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Welcome to Tow Dhey Himalaya Hotel & Restaurant Tabo (Spiti)

Stay in comfort and convenience

Hotel Tow Dhey Himalaya captures the romance & beauty of lush green and snow lapped mountains. Hotel Tow Dhey Himalaya is located in the main town at Tabo. The majestic rooms well equipped with all modern comforts & facilities you need in a restful relaxing base. Hotel Tow Dhey Himalaya provides you with unmatched standards of sophistication and convenience, the conductive environment at Tow Dhey Himalaya complements your luxury life style.

How to reach Tabo ?

You can travel to the town of Tabo only during the summer months. This is because the entire Spiti valley will get cut off from the rest of the state during the winter. This is because snowfall during winter time is very heavy, and travelling through the pass to Tabo will be impossible. You can opt for buses and cabs, in order to travel to Tabo during the summer months. Flights can also be taken to the nearest airport.

Tabo By Air

Flights are an easy way to travel to the town of Tabo, and flights can be taken to the nearest airport, which is at Kullu. The airport at Kullu lies at a distance 294 kilometres from Tabo, and travelling from the airport to Tabo will take around nine hours. Taxis will be available from Kullu Airport to Tabo, and these will charge fares of around Rs 11,500. Local flight travel will cost around Rs 3500 to 5000.

Tabo By Train

Trains can be taken to the nearest railway station at Kalka, which is located at a distance of 452 kilometres away from Tabo. Trains to Kalka will be available from New Delhi, Barmer, Bandra, Amritsar and Hazrat Nizammudin. Train charges will range around Rs 250 to 600 depending on the distance covered.