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Places near Tabo

Tabo is the Center point to explore the Spiti Valley

Tabo, the first village in Spiti from the Kinnaur side in Himachal Pradesh is located at a height of 10, 760 feet above sea-level. The entry to the village is flanked by the Spiti River and the epic Trans-Himalayan range.

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Il Nako Lake

The most popular attraction in Kinnaur

Nako is a small and quaint hamlet which is popular for its lake. Nako Lake is known for its ethereal beauty and is around 2 km from the Hangrang valley. The lake is covered with snow for most part of the year, making the visit to this place an experience beyond magnificence.

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Il Old Gompa Tabo

Ajanta of the Himalayas

This monastery is the oldest in the region. Established in 996 AD, it is one of the worth seeing attractions of Spiti.The monastery is set at an altitude of 3050 m above the sea level. The monastery is basically a complex, housing a number of small gompas, temples, and a monk’s chamber.Besides, it also houses ancient murals which are not allowed to be photographed.

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Il Pin Valley

Best season to visit Pin Valley

April, May, November and early December are quite good seasons for animal sightings. For the people interested in plants and geology, July & August is the best period. For this purpose one should be fully equipped with binoculars, warm clothings, sleeping bags, medicines and sufficient food materials.